Visit Vidalia | Historic Vidalia, Georgia, Toombs County

Historic Village at Brewton-Parker College

Just a few blocks from Highway 280 is the Historic Village at Brewton-Parker College. Follow the signs from Louisville Road just off of Highway 280 for the Cooper-Conner House (c. 1798) and the Thompson House (c. 1842).

Take a stretch while walking through the grounds of this historic village. The Cooper-Conner House is considered the oldest house in Montgomery County. It was originally built by slave labor on Old River Road by the Dead River (near the fork of the Oconee and Ocmulgee Rivers) in 1779 for Richard Cooper. Cooper was a Revolutionary soldier and was buried in the Dead River Cemetery in 1821. The Cooper-Conner House was once being torn down by hunters to fuel their campfires, so it was moved to the Brewton-Parker College campus, and restored with handmade nails, wooden pegs, and hewn with hand axes. The holes in the walls were designed to use guns for protection from Indian attacks if necessary.

Often in conjunction with Alumni Day at Brewton-Parker College and during theĀ Vidalia Onion FestivalĀ , activities such as soap making, syrup boiling, cane grinding and open-fire baking are demonstrated at the house. On these special occasions, costumes and music from the period are featured attractions. For more information, please call 912-583-2241.